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The New York Pizza Show brings a multitude of ways to sell more pizza in your shop from new marketing ideas to new products. But what about new recipes and techniques that will help you stand out from the competition?

The America’s Plate gourmet pizza contest and the culinary workshops starring some of the world’s best pizza chefs give you a rare chance to learn new flavors and skills. Read on for ways you can internationalize your pizzeria.


For almost a century, America and Italy have had a friendly contention over who has the best pizza. Now other countries have jumped on the bandwagon. This year at the inaugural New York Pizza Show, the United States, Italy and Australia will meet for the America’s Plate Gourmet Pizza Competition. Each contender won a national gourmet pizza contest in their home country to qualify. The prize will be a silver plate the winner can hang in his or her shop, but the real prize will be the bragging rights of having the world’s best gourmet pizza.


  • Australia—Australia’s winner will be determined in September at the Caboolture Best of the Best bake-off at the Fine Food Australia show in Melbourne. This year’s winner, along with three other winners from the Best of the Best will host a workshop on Aussie pizza. Details below.
  • Italy—Anniello Falanga of Real Pizza Di Falanga, Pompei, and the winner of the 2004 World Pizza Championship Pizza Classica represents the homeland of pizza. Anniello will be demonstrating the nuances of great Italian pizza with other Italian pizzaioli from the Scuola Italiana Pizza (Italian Pizza School). Read below for details.
  • United States—A final for the regional winners will be held the first day of the New York Pizza Show. Brynne Humphreys, of Avalanche! Pizza in Athens, Ohio, is the first named American regional winner. She won Best Gourmet Pizza at the North America Pizza and Ice Cream Show in February. The next regional contest will be held at the Sofo Masterpiece Pizza Contest in Toledo, Ohio, September 19-20. Other competitors will be named as regional competitions are decided. For information on hosting a sanctioned preliminary contest, contact Caroline Felker at 662.234.5481 Ext. 125 or email For more information on entering a regional contest, go to We will post dates and details there as we get them.


Along with the excitement of the America’s Plate competition, the New York Pizza Show features several culinary workshops designed to help you bring even more new ideas back to your store. You may even add a new pizza to your menu after all is said and done. Stay tuned to for workshop times.

  • How to Make Italian Pizza—Enrico Fama, editorial director of Pizza E Pasta Magazine, brings his team of Italian pizzaioli from the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli to New York for a workshop that will show the differences in American and Italian pizza. Anniello Falanga will make his world-class pie to show the tried and true methods for which Italian pizzaioli are famous. The Italians use simple ingredients and timeless techniques to create their pizza works of art. Bring your notebooks as you learn how pizza is made in its homeland. Take the recipes and techniques back to your store and implement them into your business.
  • Pizza Aussie Style—Pizza’s a different animal in the Land Down Under. Lots of seafood and exotic ingredients top these pies. If you’re looking for healthy menu alternatives, this is the workshop for you to attend. The Aussie Pizza Team—Sidney Roberts, the Aussie team coach, Theo Kalogeracos and Simon Best, all past winners of the Best of the Best pizza contest, along with this year’s winner—will share their healthy take on America’s favorite food. This is your chance to see pizza on its lighter side.
  • Real New York Pizza With Chef Bruno—Since this is the New York Pizza Show, we had to do a workshop on America’s most famous pie, the New York slice. Come learn from master chef Santo Bruno the intricacies of making a pie you have to fold to eat. He’ll walk you through making this portable pie from crust to toppings. Take the recipes and techniques from America’s hometown of pizza back to your hometown.