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For Signature Pizza, the Crusts the Thing

And frozen isn’t cheating when it’s hand-tossed

Ask anyone what makes a great pizza, and chances are they’ll name the major challenge that each restaurant or food services faces in attempting to create a memorable signature pizza – the crust. All the exotic toppings in the world cannot make a signature pizza out of a lifeless crust.

The only constant to a superior pizza is the crust.

Mixing the dough in a way that does not cause it to overheat, and shaping it by hand are the two qualifications that make the creation of a good crust a demanding process. This process, however, demands a specialized staff as well as space and special equipment.


The physical demands include a large brick oven, a marble counter where the crust is prepared, and a shelf full of fresh ingredients to achieve the unique, unmatched flavor of brick-oven pizza.

What then is the secret of the many popular sidewalk pizzerias of New York City, and how do upscale restaurants throughout America find room for the process it takes to make a great signature pizza in an already over-crowded kitchen? 


Frozen crusts! 


A restaurant serving a frozen pizza crust? Wouldn’t a pizza purist or chef cry foul?

Not when the crust is from Poppi Al’s. Poppi Al’s, unlike all other frozen pizza crust makers, has an army of crust specialists who hand-toss crusts daily in the company’s own plant. The crusts are then flash-frozen and shipped to hotel chains, fine dining establishments and bars throughout the country, even to many establishments in New York City. Yes – even in New York!

With Poppi Al’s there’s no cheating on either the ingredients or, more importantly, the process.

In addition to employing an army of trained pizza tossers, Poppi Al’s uses the freshest, finest ingredients, with no preservatives or additives, for an unsurpassed product.

For more information about Poppi Al’s hand spun gourmet crusts, visit or call 1-800-296-6263.