Ethnic, Thin-Crust Pizza

According to a news report from, “Since the 1940s, deep dish has ruled local menus. But lately, a wave of thin-crust options has taken over.”

“Sadly, none of the recent Neapolitan, thin-crust pizzas that have come to Chicago are that exciting. Nothing like Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, or Una Pizza Napolitana in New York, or even Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles,” said the story. “But why should Italians have all the fun? It’s widely considered the dish evolved from early Egyptian flat bread, and not surprisingly, there are plenty of other countries making their own versions of flat dough, topped with something delicious. For more than two decades, Jean Joho has introduced Chicagoans to the food from his native Alsace, near the French-German borders, first at Everest, then at the more casual Brasserie Jo in River North. Since day one, he’s offered a series of tarte flambes.”

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