Ecovention LLC is pleased to announce that Pizza Pie-er, an award-winning pizza restaurant with locations in Cambridge, MA, Boston, MA and Providence, RI will be carrying the multi-functional, eco-friendly GreenBox. As of September 2014, Pizza Pie-er is using the GreenBox in all three of their East Coast restaurants.


Ecovention’s GreenBox – dubbed “the pizza box of the 21st century” by Fox News – is made of 100% recyclable material. A complete redesign of the industry-standard pizza box, the top of the GreenBox breaks down into four plates, while the bottom easily folds into a convenient storage container for leftovers. Through this innovative design, the need for disposable plates, plastic wrap and aluminum foil is eliminated, creating an eco-friendly solution to the waste produced by the pizza industry.


“At Pizza Pie-er, we pride ourselves in providing a unique and endless selection of specialty pizzas. It is only fitting to carry a one-of-a-kind pizza box that is just as good for the Earth as it is useful for our valued patrons,” said Bahman Jalili, owner of Pizza Pie-er. “The GreenBox is part of our larger eco-friendly initiative: at Pizza Pie-er, if customers bring in any used pizza box, we recycle it and give the patron $2 off a large pie.”


“We are thrilled to have the GreenBox featured at Pizza Pie-er – a remarkable restaurant chain that serves so much more than just pizza. It is a pleasure to be a part of their exceptional vision,” said Jennifer Wright, Co-Founder of Ecovention, LLC.


For more information regarding Pizza Pie-er’s launch of the GreenBox, please contact Jennifer Wright at (212) 359-9574.


Ecovention LLC, headquartered in New York, NY, is an innovator in the environmentally friendly food packaging industry. The company provides design, licensing, manufacturing, subcontract management and logistics and is dedicated to improving outmoded, outdated and wasteful food packaging. Their GreenBox demo video boasts over 3 million views, and they have been featured on Rachael RayThe Today Show and The Huffington Post.



Pizza Pie-er opened up their first restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island in 1987. Due to their immense success and reputation for unique, specialty pizzas, Pizza Pie-er has expanded to Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. They offer twelve different sauces and five types of crust to choose from, and are known for their endless combinations and “make your own pizza” option.

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