Double Dave's, San Antonio, is changing health perceptions of pizza

(Press Release) San Antonio, TX, September 24, 2013 — Double Dave's, San Antonio pizza joint, believes that "no matter how you slice it," pizza has the potential to satisfy cravings and health perks, which is why the team promotes a recent article in Harretz. The report encourages readers to "have another slice" and discover how pizza is good for health, especially Italian classics that have the ingredient containing "lycopene, an anti-oxidant that slows down the destruction of healthy body cells and may even retard cancer: tomato skins."

As a pizzeria that values fresh, locally sourced produce and hand-made ingredients, Double Dave's, San Antonio hotspot, believes the healthy component in pizza has the power to quell guilty feelings. "There are so many hidden nutrients in pizza," said a representative. "The crust, sauce and toppings each have their own health benefits." According to the Double Dave's team, the core ingredient of the San Antonio-based pizza sauce is the tomato. This fruit is full of various vitamins and nutrients that help prevent diseases and illnesses. "The main component of tomatoes is lycopene, and the nutrient is known to inhibit and reverse tumor growth," said a staff person.
A recent study indicates that people who ate pizza at least once a week significantly reduced their risk of cancer. Oral cancer was reduced by 59 percent, throat cancer reduced by 34 percent, and colon cancer reduced by 26 percent. Lycopene is shown to combat breast and prostate cancer as well, according to the team at Double Dave's, San Antonio pizza joint.

The article highlights Orit Ofir, a clinical dietician and naturopath. "Lycopene tends to accumulate in various organs, including the prostate and lung, and indeed, tomato and lycopene consumption likely helps reduce the cancer risk in these organs, as well as in the stomach, pancreas, and colon," he said. "Heating food containing lycopene also increases its availability to the body. Its anticancer effect is attributed to it being one of the most concentrated and effective antioxidants. Hence, it also has a protective effect against diseases of the heart and blood vessels and protects the lungs and skin against damage from air pollution and the sun's rays."
The team at Double Dave's weighs in on the hand-crafted, nutritious dough used for specialty pizzas. "The honey whole wheat dough used for the pizza's crust is rich with healthy benefits," said a representative. "A few nutrients include iron, B-vitamins, complex carbohydrates, and protein. Double Dave's pizza crust is also low in fat and calories." The staff also notes that the restaurant uses only the highest quality produce for its pizzas, using tomatoes that have been carefully inspected by hand and steam-peeled, thereby avoiding the use of chemicals and preserving its natural qualities.


Double Dave's, San Antonio, has taken the art of pizza-making to a new level. Not only has the restaurant received a perfect score by the health department, but the pizzeria attracts numerous loyal customers because of its devotion to create nutrient-rich pizza alternatives for health-conscious individuals. The pizzas have gained a high reputation for the delicious crusts and pizza sauces. Pizzas and other dishes are uniquely hand-tossed using honey whole-wheat dough, earning favor among locals and tourists. The chefs strive to create original, authentic pizzas, utilizing fresh, local ingredients to keep people coming back for more.