Donatos Pizza announced its expansion into the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, marking the brand’s introduction to the Texas market.

This expansion is facilitated by four franchise groups in the DFW region. The groups are planning to open up to 20 new Donatos Pizza locations. The company is also exploring further development opportunities in Texas, with potential for additional franchises given the DFW area’s population growth and size.

“Expanding into Texas, starting with the Dallas-Fort Worth area, is an important step for us,” said Jeff Baldwin, vice president of franchise development at Donatos Pizza. “Beyond introducing our products, we aim to engage with and contribute to the community. With the support of our franchise groups and potential for further expansion, we are eager to bring Donatos Pizza to Texas.”

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“Our entry into the Dallas-Fort Worth area marks a significant phase in our efforts to grow the brand in Texas,” said Kevin King, president of Donatos Pizza. “Looking forward to 2024, we are optimistic about integrating into the DFW community and offering quality pizza.”

Donatos currently operates over 460 locations across 29 states, including 179 traditional Donatos restaurants. The company touted the Texas expansion as further evidence of the “viability of its franchise model.”

Founded in 1963 by Jim Grote, Donatos Pizza seeks to be known for its “Edge to Edge” pizza. The company, along with its franchise partners, operates 179 traditional restaurants in multiple states, as well as 287 non-traditional locations, including partnerships with Red Robin and presence in sports and entertainment venues and REEF Kitchens.