According to a news report from, “Earlier this year, Dominos Pizza once again moved for a third time and this time right next to Nandos. This is no doubt a strategic move and a sign of growing success in a market that is awfully competitive.”

“There is little doubt in my mind that they are doing very well and what could be a better move than moving next to where the action has always been very brisk? The funny thing about location is that being on that side of Kampala Road rather than the opposite side will yield far better sales,” said the story. “To illustrate the point a little better, take that well laid out and commodious joint that is at the junction of Kampala Road and Entebbe Road, somehow the location is simply not right. I mean, why else would they be freely subletting? In any case, had they been where Nandos is situated, it would have been an entirely different story. More often than not, in this business, the difference between success is all too often; location, location, location.”

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