Do Republicans Favor Pizza Chains over Independents?

PMQ was recently approached by a writer at Morning Consult regarding the possibility of a divide between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to choosing chains or independent pizzerias.

While PMQ usually stays out of political conversations, our company co-founder and publisher Steve Green did discuss the fact that geography could play a role, seeing how chain pizzerias tend to exist in greater numbers in red states.

The article uses data from CHD Expert to compile a state-by-state breakout to illustrate how states that voted for Trump have a higher percentage of sales from pizza chains than those states that voted for Clinton.

The story goes on to report that, "The partisan divide dissolves when considering ordering habits: Similar percentages of Democrats (41 percent) and Republicans (42 percent) said they order pizza every couple of weeks, according to separateMorning Consult pollingof 2,201 U.S. adults from Jan. 11-16."

Just goes to show that in the end, everyone loves pizza, no matter which political party they favor.