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Ranch Lovers Rejoice: DiGiorno Stuffs Pizza Crusts with the Dressing

Like any finger food, pizza and dipping sauces go together despite what naysayers think.  French dressing on pizza? Popular throughout the Mississippi coast. One of our Recipes of the Month even featured a Rueben pizza topped with Thousand Island dressing.

Ranch dressing on pizza can be a polarizing topic, and Jay Jerrier of Cane Rosso even displays a bottle of ranch dressing in a glass box that a customer can buy for $1,000 to put on their pizza.

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DiGiorno, however, sides with the ranch lovers by introducing two new pizzas with crusts stuffed with cheese and ranch dressing.

The first is a no-brainer: buffalo-style chicken pizza served with ranch as its sauce and the crust is stuffed with 2.5 feet of ranch-flavored cheese. The other pie is a California-style chicken bacon ranch pizza served with avocado sauce, tomatoes and red onions. The crust is of course stuffed with ranch-flavored cheese.

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