According to a news report from, “Ronnie Wyrick gyrates, twists and turns, hops and shakes daily along Miller Street. People in their cars wave as he swirls his cardboard pizza dance partner around like a pepperoni tornado. Even if you’re not hungry, there’s no way you’re not going to take notice of Wyrick, nor his evening shift replacement, Mary McAlvery.”

“The two are pizza shakers for Little Caesar’s take-out pizza shop in the Harle Center that runs between Miller Street and Wenatchee Avenue. They bump and grind and wave to lunch- and dinner-time traffic along Miller Street most days of the week, attempting to lure passersby to the hidden store to buy a $5 pizza,” said the story. “In the process, they’ve become minor celebrities and a source of entertainment along the busy street since the new shop opened and they were hired last March. People wave and toot their horns as they drive by. Some make gestures or comments that are less kind. A few pull into the mall to pick up a pizza.”

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