Cybarservice Launches New Mobile Phone Ordering System

Brighton, United Kingdom, November 19, 2008 –(– Cybarservice ( is a new revolutionary m-commerce application which seems set to revolutionize the way restaurants, bars and cafes receive their orders. The new system has made mobile phone ordering easy and convenient. Developed by Tom Kennett from the UK and Australian Peter Jones, they hope that their system will help smaller businesses compete with the growing online ordering trend recently adopted by large corporations. Peter Jones said “we developed an online ordering system for the use of small business, but we went one step further and made it compatible with all mobile phones that can connect to the internet”.

With the trend set for the mobile phone to eventually overtake the PC as the most commonly used way to connect to the internet, cybarservice might just be the thing smaller restaurants, cafes and other venues need to stay competitive in these gloomy economic times.

Customers can be sent a menu to their phones whilst sitting in a cafe, they then tick a box next to the item they want, enter their table number and press send. The order is received at the bar and the order fulfilled without the customer having to move. Similarly, food delivery restaurants can use the system to take orders from customers more conveniently. The menu is displayed on the customers phone, they tick a box enter their address and wait for their food to be delivered. They will also receive an sms confirming their order has been recieved and is being fulfilled. The system can used anywhere in the world and is possibly going to be the next big internet success story. It will all depend on customers willingness to use their phones not to talk, but to connect to the internet.