Offered for the first time, a free service to qualified restaurant bars.
New York – February 7, 2007., the only company offering vodka infusion systems and flavors has announced commercial grade flavoring systems for the restaurant industry.
Until now the company has focused on providing consumers a simple five-minute process to flavor their favorite brand of vodka with the taste they love, or a new taste that they have never tried. provides more than 30 different infusion kits. The process is simple and FlavorPacks(tm) contain dried fruits, spices, herbs and vegetables that are in most cases organically grown.
The new service is the result of several inquiries from restaurant owners and managers, and provides with a greatly expanded marketplace.

“We create three custom, unique SIGNATURE FLAVORS free of charge for any qualified restaurant or up-market bar” said David Andrews, Chief Infusionist, Taster and CEO of Vodka Flavors. “Vodka Flavors will work with any restaurant theme and create flavors, cocktails and names that fit. We then provide commercial sized FlavorPacks(tm) on an ongoing basis, and all the bar staff have to do is add them to bottles of their choice of vodka for fully infused, ready to serve vodka in 24-48 hours. “, said Andrews. was launched in October of 2006, has grown dramatically and was voted a Hot New Product by New Products Magazine’s readers. “Over the last few months we seen increasing interest from commercial establishments that want to offer their own unique signature cocktails, using natural, organic flavors that are not available from vodka manufacturers; single flavors and combination flavors that are unique to their establishment, and offer vastly enhanced margins.
Currently, flavors available to consumers via the web site include: Fruit flavors: apple, apricot, banana, cherry, cranberry, lemon, lime, mango, orange and juniper. Herbal flavors: lavender, lemongrass, mint, peppermint and bay leaf. Spice flavors: ginger, chili, cinnamon, mustard seed, peppercorn and star anise. Vegetable flavors: celeriac, fennel, garlic, horseradish and sun-dried tomato. Miscellaneous flavors: espresso, special Holiday or event flavors and sample kits, which contain a range of flavors.
All restaurateurs need to do to get started is to complete a short form on the web site.
Vodka Flavors can be reached at 866.632.3917, or via their web site at: .

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