Consumers Ready To Dine Out Again

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, “Consumer behavior patterns are shifting for the better for restaurants, according to a new study conducted by market research firm The NPD Group, with less consumers cutting back on dining out, and fewer customers searching for deals.”

“Data collected for a recent study, ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel … What Can We Expect,’ found that respondents were less focused on controlled spending and price points or deals at restaurants during a March study, compared with responses in a June 2009 survey. Fewer respondents also said they were trading down in restaurant selections or sacrificing visits to restaurants. ‘It’s clear from our research and other indicators that consumers are feeling more positive about the economy,’ Bonnie Riggs, NPD’s restaurant industry analyst said in a statement. ‘Our survey findings, combined with other publicly reported information on restaurants’ improving status, suggest a move toward recovery may be starting soon if it is not already underway.’”

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