An article from said, “Buddy LaRosa is not sure what being “Chief for a Day” will entail, but he’s planning on wearing a tie in case he gets called into official meetings. He’s looking forward to meeting City Manager Milton Dohoney.”

LaRosa’s pizza founder said in the article, “It’s just an honor. I’ve lived and worked in this city my whole life. I’m really looking forward to it.”

The report stated: “His favorite television is Court TV. He once considered being a police officer or firefighter, he said, but was rejected from both because he’s only 5 feet, 6 inches tall.”

The article said LaRosa gets to be Chief for a Day after winning the bid at a charity auction for around $1,000.

Although LaRosa said he didn’t know for sure of any improvements the police department needed to make, he said there’s still a lot he can learn at his age. “I think I’m just going to listen. You can still learn things at 77,” he said in the report.

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