• Pizza Hut Malaysia dispatched a crew of delivery drivers to customers’ homes in shiny, red Ferraris to add to the fun of April Fool’s Day.
  • “[After] what started off as [an apparent] prank, we surprise our customers—that, in fact, it was real,” said an advertising executive behind the one-day promotion.

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Delivery drivers for Pizza Hut Malaysia got a special perk for April Fool’s Day, and it made them feel cool rather than foolish: The chain used shiny, gorgeous Ferraris to drop pies off to customers for one day only on April 1, according to Advertising + Marketing (A+M).

Pizza Hut Malaysia teased the big promotion with a March 30 Facebook post that read, “Are you excited to experience Malaysia’s hottest pizza delivery this April 1?” The accompanying photo hinted at the surprise to come with an illustration of the front end of a red Ferrari. Not surprisingly, one follower responded, “Yeah, yeah, April Fools. Getting used to it now.”

But it was no joking matter. The company dispatched a crew of pizza-toting cheesy riders in real-deal Ferraris to customers’ homes on April 1. The chain’s chief marketing officer, Emily Chong, told A+M that the intention was to get the customer’s own engine revved up for the moment of delivery to their doorstep. “The eager anticipation for pizza arrival is a strong emotion that we can tap into, presenting a huge opportunity for us to delight our customers in the most unexpected way,” she said.

Pizza Hut Malaysia chose April 1 because of its association with fun and humor. “Rolling [out] this unique experience on this very day itself helps to reinforce our brand promise of delivering an easy, fun experience, making our brand relevant to everyday Malaysians,” Chong said in the interview.

The promotion was created in partnership with advertising firm Fisherman Integrated. Andrew Tan, an executive with the firm, told A+M that April Fool’s Day is traditionally “a marketer’s creative showcase of pranks, from unexpected product launches to strange flavors. This year for Pizza Hut, we wanted a prank that stood out amongst other brands.”

The solution was “a supercar pizza delivery crew but with a twist,” he added. “[After] what started off as [an apparent] prank, we surprise our customers—that, in fact, it was real.”

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