Celebrity Chef Opens Pizzeria

Eventually, everyone wants to own a pizzeria.

That's how it was for Vivian Howard, owner of Chef & the Farmer, Boiler Room, and star of "A Chef's Life," who has just opened Benny's Big Time Pizzeria in Wilmington, North Carolina, with her husband Ben Knight,according to Star News.

According to the story, the couple wasalready creating pizzas in the wood-burning oven inside their Kinston-basedChef & the Farmer restaurant, and Benny's will give them the opportunity to expand on their menu with eight pizzas. Knight shared that his love for pizza began a long time ago as a delivery driver for Lou Malnati'sPizzeria in Chicago.

Wondering about other celebrity chefs who've beenbit by the pizza bug?

  • Richard Florczak was cooking for Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCapriobefore he built a pizza oven in his backyard and could no longer fight the urge to open a pizzeria. Now he runs Flame Pizzeria in a Reseda, California, strip mall.
  • Scott Conant's Mora features five pizzas, while The Pointe offers three pies on its dinner menu.
  • Jamie Oliver has three pizzerias located in India andaptly namedJamie's Pizzeria.