According to a news report by the Austin American Statesman, ” The pizza of your choice. Free. Delivered when and where you want it.”

“That’s what the University of Texas Police Department is offering to callers whose tips lead to apprehension of a thief. The department mentioned the standing offer today in its daily e-mail blast concerning crime on campus. A thief apparently cut through a cable lock Monday afternoon to steal a bike tethered to a rack at the Engineering Teaching Center on East Dean Keeton.”

“’Many think that crime is a nighttime issue — that criminals only come out under the cover of darkness,’ the department’s e-mail said. ‘This case really shows crime can happen at any time of the day or night'”

“That being said, let’s all do our part to help protect the 40 Acres. When you are out and about on campus, take a little time to look around. If you see something that seems suspicious to you then it probably is suspicious. Do not rationalize or disregard your suspicion; call UTPD right away at 512-471-4441. We will promptly respond to your call and determine if a violation of the law has occurred.”

“’If your report does lead to the apprehension of a thief, UTPD will buy you the pizza of your choice and deliver it to you when and where you want it — just our little way of saying “Thanks!’”the story said.

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