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Call Centers Taking Some Pizza Hut Orders

According to, "When you call a Roanoke-area Pizza Hut to place an order, your call may be routed to another state."

"At least nine Pizza Hut locations in the Roanoke and New River valleys outsource telephone orders to centers, where operators take some customers' orders and route them to the appropriate area restaurant. At the Pizza Huts owned by NPC International, a large franchise company for the chain, call centers pick up calls at Roanoke-area Pizza Huts on the third or fourth rings, said Vonnie Walbert, who is vice president of human resources for NPC. The franchisee, based in Kansas, owns seven Pizza Huts in the Roanoke Valley, two in Blacksburg and Christiansburg, and some restaurants in other parts of Virginia. 'From the customers' perspective, you shouldn't know the difference," Walbert said, adding that her company uses call centers for 'overflow' purposes."