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California pizzeria draws hundreds seeking free pizza for year

According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:
“The promise of free pizza for a year Thursday turned the walkway in front of a local restaurant into a makeshift campground.
Dalia’s owner Fadl Fares offered free pizza for a year to the first 100 customers, but changed his mind when he saw 200 people in line.
‘We expected people, but this is way overwhelming,’ Fares said. ‘They came at 10 o’clock last night.’
The local restaurateur doled out coupons for free pizza for a year to an extra 100 people at a cost of about $30,000, authorities said.
‘I didn’t want to let people down,’ Fares said. ‘They stayed all night.’
A group of mostly college students brought blankets and slept on the sidewalk.
The first woman in line said she told her boss she was sick and skipped work Thursday for the offer.
In return, the woman and 199 others received a card valid for a drink and one small pizza with two-toppings every Tuesday.”