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Calgaro’s Pizzeria: Go On, Take the Water and Run

As temperatures rose into the 90s and the heat index topped 100°F, folks in Springfield, Missouri, found a welcome sight one recent Friday afternoon in Park Central Square: a free bottled water stand, courtesy of Calgaro’s Pizza.

As the News-Leader reports, Calgaro’s co-owners Tony Rank and Allen Brown brought their team members out into the heat and the sunshine and dispensed 600 bottles of water to everyone from Pokemon hunters to the homeless. Rank and Brown first announced their plans on Facebook. “Team members from Calgaro’s Pizzeria have set up on Park Central Square today, giving out 800 FREE BOTTLES OF WATER because EVERYONE deserves to be hydrated during the summer months,” the post read. “Stop by and say hi and grab some free hydration.”

Two team members posed for a photo by the water stand, which was draped with a pink sign advertising free water and the hashtag #CalgarosCares. The post got 169 likes and 43 shares.

“Our business is built on people,” Brown told the News-Leader. “We wouldn’t be here without them. We wanted to let them know that there was someone who could help.”

He added that the promo was “a pay-it-forward kind of deal, a chance to give back to the community.”