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Buffalo Mozzarella Discovered To Have Cow's Milk

According to ABC News, “‘Scandaloso!’ Italians were upset to discover that their favorite mozzarella cheeseMozzarella di Bufala, made from buffalo’s milk — was being watered down with cow’s milk”

“Widely recognized as the best, buffalo mozzarella is made only in central Italy, in the area between Naples and Rome, and only using the rich milk of the the Asian Water Buffalo. A government sampling of cheeses across Italy revealed, however, that 25 percent of the cheeses tested also included milk from dairy cows — less expensive, but also less rich. On Tuesday the Italian Minister for Agriculture, Luca Zaia, suspended the president of the consortium of buffalo mozzarella producers and replaced him temporarily with a commission to guarantee the quality of the cheese. Even he had watered down his cheese,” the story said.