Atalanta corp celebrates 70th anniversary

Atalanta Corporation, a food importer specializing in cheese, charcuterie, grocery and seafood products, will
celebrate its70th year as a third-generation family-operated business in early 2015.

Atalanta’s success in the food industry began in 1945 importing Polish hams. The late Leon Rubin and Herbert Moeller
incorporated Atalanta Trading Company in New York City looking to fill the void in the U.S. domestic food importing market.

Much of Atalanta's early success was centered on key relations with the international community that garnered exclusivecontracts with the imported meats and cheese markets. In 1970, the company rebranded into what is now Atalanta Corporationand in the late 1980s, itscontinued expansion in both product diversity and personnel prompted a move to its currentheadquarters in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Today, Atalanta continues to operate as a “family” with four Gellert family members working in the business along with anadditional 260 employees, “More than 70 percentof family-run businesses don’t survive through the first generation, and 80 percentdon’tsurvive through the second generation. We are now on our third generation. That’s a milestone,” remarked Atalanta CorporationCEO George G. Gellert.

To ensure that the business continues to thrive, Atalanta places resilience and adaptability at the forefront of their business modelwhile continuing to build strong relations with both customers and suppliers. George reflected on Atalanta’s growth:“We startedas a company that imported Polish hams and seafood, even beef and wood products, and we’ve diversified to thousands ofproducts over the years.” George’s son Thomas, current vice president of Atalanta, follows:“Seventyyears is significant. To hit thismilestone means we have been able to adapt as business demanded. Wehave had to have flexibility and strength to navigatethe ups and downs over these seven decades. Few family businesses have been able to achieve this. We have had hundreds ofhardworking, dedicated employees that have helped us get here. Loyal customers, supportive suppliers have all contributed toour success.”