According to a rep""ort from Restaurants and Institutions, “despite its Italian roots, pizza is a quintessential American favorite. According to R&I’s most recent Menu Census, 50% of noncommercial operators and 31% of commercial operators menu thin-crust pizza, and 18% of all operators have a pan or deep-dish pie on the menu. Moreover, pizza is a go-to meal for varied groups of diners—from young children to college students to fine-dining fans”

“The fact that pizza is so customizable is not only appealing to customers (who now can often choose their style of crust in addition to toppings at chains across the country). Chefs also view pizza as the perfect canvas for showcasing intriguing flavor combinations or seasonal ingredients or for simply having some fun (potato-chip pizza, anyone?).”

“Whether offered as an entrée or as a shareable appetizer at the bar, pizza can provide a price point for every budget. And there is inspiration to be found across every foodservice segment, as is evident by this collection of distinct pizzas from a range of operations across the country,” the story said. 

See the original story for some interesting pies recipes from around the country.

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