Even if you toss pizza 14 hours a day, you’re not really in the pizza business, says Jeff Levin of Get Customers 4 Life, which specializes in mobile apps, websites and marketing management. You’re in the loyalty business. “Customer loyalty is key to your success, but it doesn’t just happen by itself,” he says. “It must be the focus of your marketing efforts. New customers don’t just fall through the front door—marketing gets them in, and loyalty programs keep them coming back.”

Sending a coupon to people who just moved to the neighborhood is a good start. “We offer a new twist on this approach that can cut costs in half so you can use the savings on more interesting stuff, such as treating your customers like they are VIPs—Very Important Pizza-eaters,” Levin notes. The company’s smartphone app lets you create a “VIP inner circle” for customers with daily special deals that don’t appear on your website or menu. It also offers funny videos and games that can be shared with friends via social media. Additionally, the company’s scratch-off game ticket is perfect for mobile websites. As the customer rubs his finger back and forth across the screen, the image changes and reveals a discount offer.

Of course, not everyone wants to be a loyal customer. “What if someone starts talking trash on an Internet gripe site because his pizza was delivered late?” Levin says. “This bad review sticks out like a danger flag in Google searches. Our service allows your customers to rate their meals on your mobile website—the good ratings get posted online while the negative ones get diverted to your email inbox. These positive reviews will push the few bad ones down to page 4 or 5—instead of page 1—in a Google search.”

Get Customers 4 Life also helps pizzerias dominate Google searches by posting SEO-friendly videos about their stores on Youtube and similar sites, Levin adds. “We can push their competitors onto the second and third pages of Google. We can even produce high-quality videos for them with just a few snapshots.”

To get your marketing efforts off to a good start, Get Customers 4 Life is giving away a free mobile website (a $495 value) to the first 100 callers.

For a free copy of “The Pizzaman’s Marketing Blueprint” and a free mobile website, visit GetCustomers4Life.com/mobile or call 888-994-9878 and leave your email address.

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