Beer snobs can be a fickle bunch, but most agree that Treehouse Brewing is one of the best breweries in the U.S. In fact, websites that track beer ratings frequently show Treehouse as the most well-reviewed brewery in the country.

The Charlton, Massachusetts-based company is now bringing its proven artisan skill to the world of pizza. In a recent video, head Treehouse brewer Nate Lanier announced his company’s launch of Treehouse Pizza. He explained that he and the company had been perfecting a pizza-making process for a number of years, looking for the right moment to launch a pizza menu at a pair of locations.

“Opening a pizzeria is a dream of mine,” Lanier said. “And the thing about Treehouse is that it didn’t come to fruition until we felt like we had a handle on the beer aspect of things.”

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Lanier shared that he has been cooking pizza for well over a decade, busting out a wood-fired oven when celebrating beer with his co-founders, friends and family. During those occasions, he’s experimented with different styles of pizza—from Chicago deep-dish to bar-style and beyond.

“As a brewer, you wind up making everything from hazy IPAs to barrel-aged stouts,” Lanier said. “Pizza is [similarly] beautiful because you can take very simple ingredients—dough, sauce and cheese—and make pizzas that are really distinctive and different by [changing up] the process.”

Ultimately, Lanier settled on a hybrid of two styles that are close to home for those living in New England. He describes Treehouse Pizza’s pies as a blend between New York-style and New Haven-style pies, “crunchy on the bottom and fluffy on the top.” Each pie is 18” and “really, really rich in flavor.” Part of that rich flavor, he said, is due to Treehouse sourcing its ingredients from the farm it owns in Woodstock, Connecticut, just across the state line from its Charlton headquarters.

“Our goal here is to source the ingredients that help us facilitate that style of pizza,” Lanier said. “Those raw materials and ingredients evolve with the season…and we will source them in a way that the beautiful end product is as delicious as possible.”

Treehouse Pizza kitchen employees toss dough.

The Treehouse Pizza menu—which is available at the brewery’s locations in Tewksbury and Deerfield, Massachussetts—features four core pies: Cheese, Pepperoni, Margherita and White. There is a rotating seasonal special as well. In the summer, Treehouse offers a Tomato Pie with fresh tomatoes from its Woodstock farm. There is also a Vodka Pie, featuring a vodka sauce made with Treehouse Vodka from its distillery, Fior di Latte and Parmesan. Diners can add hot honey to any pie for $2.

“As a craftsperson, prior to branching out into many different styles of pizza or many different flavors, it’s important to hone in on what is best and then refine that to make a similar style of pizza over and over and over again,” Lanier said. “That type of refining can only come from a small menu.”

Lanier also shouted out the team members in the kitchen who dedicate their days to churning out a consistently elevated product. “Ongoing refinement and execution is entirely based on their day-to-day execution, which is nothing short of stellar,” Lanier said. “We consider Treehouse Pizza to be an exceptional offering, and we consider it to be so because we put our hearts and souls into it to make a product unlike any other.

“We believe Treehouse Pizza is as good as, if not better than, the beer we’ve become known for over the years,” Lanier added.