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A Slice of Celebrity: Here Are the Favorite L.A. Pizza Joints of the Superstars

You probably won’t spot Katy Perry or Ryan Gosling standing in line at Little Caesars in L.A., but they love pizza as much as any sane human being. So where do the stars go for slices?

BravoTV has a few ideas. The site listed 11 pizzerias where you can get great pizza and spot a superstar while you’re there. From the long-standing Mickey's Deli to Nancy Silverton's fancy-pants Pizzeria Mozza, pizza joints are clearly getting respect from the Tinseltown set.

If you’re looking for a slice of celebrity, here’s a breakdown of the list:

Pizzeria Mozza: Beyonce and Jay Z
Bestia: Michael Pena, James Franco and Jessica Biel
Sotto: Talent agents and studio execs
Gjelina: Ryan Gosling and Victoria Beckham


Felix Trattoria: No names dropped for this one, but it’s said to be “crawling with stars”
Mickey’s Deli: L.A. Kings and Lakers athletes
The Restaurant at Mr. C: Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sofia Vergara
Pizzana: Jennifer Garner and Chris O’Donnell
Cosa Buona: Frequented by “a who’s who of the hip ‘hood,” a phrase so catchy that we can forgive its vagueness
Crossroads Kitchen: Katy Perry, Ruby Rose and Joaquin Phoenix
Love & Salt: All we know is that this South Bay shop made the list—they didn’t tell us why. But forget about that and feast your eyes on Katy Perry feasting her mouth on pizza. It's all good.