30 Day Pizza Diet


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Matt McClellan is changing the image of Pizza in America




St.  Petersburg, Florida (September 14, 2009) On July 16th, 2009 Matt McClellan embarked on a 30 DAY PIZZA ONLY DIET which was featured in the Tampa Bay Times.   Please see link for full story http://www.tampabay.com/features/fitness/article1018990.ece



During the 30 DAY PIZZA DIET Dalia Colon and Luis Santana from the St Pete Times followed my progress with an audio and video slideshow which can be found at: http://blogs.tampabay.com/talk/2009/08/links-from-the-times-for-aug-21-the-pizza-diet-an-audio-slideshow.html



On August 21st the final story was released which included before and after photos, audio slideshow, and vital health results: http://www.tampabay.com/features/fitness/life-of-pie-losing-weight-by-eating-nothing-but-pizza/1029472





Mr. McClellan is a fresh new face in the diet industry and hopes to change the image of pizza in America and beyond.  He is committed to taking his knowledge and experience on the road and is coordinating his TOUR ACROSS AMERICA.  Matt is planning his Tour Across America to begin mid October, 2009 where he will travel 30 cities/ 30 days /on his 30 day Pizza Diet by RV.  Follow Matt as he works out in local gyms, eats at local pizzerias, and fulfills media obligations in all 30 cities.  The Pizza industry needs a new spokes person and Matt McClellan is able and willing to be the next “Jared from Subway”.



To become a sponsor of the Tour Across America or to book Mr. McClellan for radio and television appearances please contact him at tourdepizza@gmail.com  or visit his website at tourdepizza.com



Tour De Pizza


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