Month: November 2009


Judge: Mobster Can Keep Making Pizza

The blog reports than, even though prosecutors say his job is a sham, a judge ruled that convicted mafia racketeer Dominick Dionisio will be allowed to continue working at the popular Brooklyn pizzeria Lucali while he is on house arrest.

N.J. Latest State to Tackle Menu Labeling

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, Officials of the New Jersey Restaurant Association say they strongly oppose the passage of a bill requiring some restaurants in the state to post calorie counts on menus and menu boards.

Furniture in a Pizza Box

If you only made a dollar a day, what kind of furniture would you buy? Maybe some cardboard furniture will do the trick for you. Yes, the billions of mud hut dwellers and college students alike, can find something to love about COMPACt, the cardboard furniture inside a pizza box.

Heinz Seeks to Tap Mexico's Taste for Ketchup

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mexicans eat more ketchup by sales value than consumers in all but eight other countries. Many of them slather the thick red sauce on chicken, pasta and eggs—even pizza.

Massachusetts Clean-Tech Manufacturer Tackles the Growing Problem of Food Waste

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, Americans all face the growing problem of how to responsibly dispose of our excess waste. From Thanksgiving until New Years Day, household waste increases by more than 25%, which means that an additional one million tons of waste are added to our landfills each week. Converted Organics, a Boston-based clean-tech firm, collects this food waste from supermarkets, restaurants and processing facilities, diverts it from landfills and uses it to manufacture organic and environmentally-friendly fertilizers for homes, golf courses, and agriculture. Converted Organics exemplifies the concept of beneficial reuse through American innovation and technology.

Pizza Hut Incentives on Plano's Agenda

According to the Dallas Business Journal, Pizza Hut is considering building a new corporate headquarters in the Legacy business park in West Plano, moving at least 450 high-paying jobs to a city that’s been highly successful at luring corporations in the past year.