The blog reports than”even though prosecutors say his job is a sham, a judge ruled that convicted mafia racketeer Dominick Dionisio will be allowed to continue working at the popular Brooklyn pizzeria Lucali while he is on house arrest.”

“Attorneys have argued that the 39-year-old — who is currently awaiting trial for racketeering charges including a gangland shooting — doesn’t really work at the Henry Street eatery, but instead hangs out there and uses it as a social club. But Dionisio’s lawyers say he is learning the pizza-making trade when he works his six-day-per-week shift — which nets him between $300 and $400. According to the Daily News, the Colombo wiseguy known as ‘Black Dom’ will be in charge of pizza-making when Lucali opens its new location on Sixth Avenue in Greenwood Heights, which will apparently be named Giuseppina’s. ‘The owner is very particular about who makes the pizza,’ said Dionisio’s lawyer James Froccaro. ‘This is not an ordinary pizzeria where everyone behind the counter makes the pizza. But he’s taught Mr. Dionisio how to make the pizza and when they open another location, he’ll be making the pizza.'”

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