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New Containers Offer One or Three Stream Recycling in a Small Area

""Cincinnati, OH – New recycling containers from Witt Industries allow either one stream recycling or three separate stream recycling to be collected within a small area.  These durable and attractive metal containers, which combine functionality with aesthetics, are available in 15-inch (24 gallon) or 18-inch (34.5 gallon) for the collection of paper, clear plastics, glass and other recyclable materials.  These recycling containers are ideal for use within facilities such as schools and universities, stadiums, arenas, airport concourses, offices, concession areas, and more.    

Single opening or three opening lids are easily removed for fast and convenient servicing.   Each recycling stream is collected in a separate heavy-duty plastic liner which keeps the streams separated for quick and convenient collection.  The one-opening 15RT includes a single 24-gallon plastic liner, while the three-stream version is fitted with 3 8-gallon liners.  The one-opening 18RT includes a single 34.5 gallon plastic liner, while the three-stream version is fitted with three 11.5 gallon plastic liners.  Available in standard blue or black, RT recycling containers include a durable recycling logo.  They are ideal for companies seeking “green” compliance.   

Witt Industries is a woman owned manufacturer of a full range of metal waste and recycling receptacles for indoor or outdoor environments.  Combining functionality with aesthetics, these high quality receptacles serve as site furnishings because they enhance the surrounding décor.  Witt Industries products are used in many commercial and institutional settings including hotels and motels, commercial office lobbies and atria, hospitals, casinos, schools, restaurants, stadiums, arenas and more.   For additional information please visit, or contact them via e-mail to, or call (800) 543-7417.