The owners of the 2 Bros. Pizza location in New York City’s East Village held out for as long as they could, but they’ve finally had to say bye-bye to the $1 slice.

New signage was placed at the restaurant on Friday, March 17, according to EV Grieve. Gone were the signs touting pizza for $1. The current signs advertise a price of $1.50 per slice or two slices with a can of soda for $3.99, according to the sign. The New York Post reports that the price hike will also go into effect at a 2 Bros. location in the Bronx this week.

Several other 2 Bros. stores had already raised their slice price to $1.50. The East Village restaurant is the original 2 Bros. location.

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In 2021, 2 Bros. co-owner Eli Halali told the New York Times that he and his partners were “committed to keep our plain slice at $1 where we can for as long as we can.” But they finally reached a breaking point as inflation continues to rise, as Halali explained recently to the Post.

“Over the past few years, we had done everything in our power to keep the cheese slices at $1 while refusing to compromise on our quality,” Halali said. “We were no longer able to break even.”

Halali blamed the price increase in part on higher cheese prices. But his brother and partner, Oren Halali, told the Post that inflation has been “affecting every single ingredient, every single item we use: flour, cheese, tomatoes, gloves, paper goods, paper plates, napkins. Everything. Labor is definitely up as well.”

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