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Product Spotlight - October 2013

Green Skull shoes, table covers, online ordering and more

Comfort and Performance

MOZO Shoes’ Green Skull honors Mexico’s celebrated holiday, Día de Los Muertos, with an embroidered Mexican sugar skull stitched on the upper part in neon green. The ultra-lightweight frame, gel insoles, side vents and slip-resistant outsoles provide premium comfort and performance. MOZO’s footwear can handle the heat of any kitchen and the scrutiny of any dining room. 866-684-1832, mozoshoes.com.

On the Level

LevelUp is the largest mobile payment network in the country, with more than 1 million consumers paying with LevelUp at 5,000-plus businesses. To use LevelUp, consumers download the free app, link any card, then scan the QR code on their phone at the point-of-sale to pay. Restaurants of all sizes use LevelUp to pay lower processing fees, make money with automated campaigns and learn more about their customers. 855-538-3542, thelevelup.com

Eye Candy For Your Pizza

User-friendly, artfully crafted and decoratively appealing, Perfect Peel’s gourmet baking boards are created with more than 25 years of woodworking experience from some of America’s finest sustainable forests. Available in cherry, maple or basswood in a variety of shapes and sizes, the peels can be engraved with your personal message, logo or favorite recipe. 920-882-1628, thebakersboard.com

Helping the Small Independent

With nearly 90% of all online pizza orders being placed with large national chains, MyPizza.com set out in 2011 to help bridge this gap and assist small, independent pizzerias. MyPizza.com represents local pizzerias online, making them available to online customers through one easy-to-use portal, and has logged more than $50 million in food sales on behalf of thousands of small-business pizzerias nationwide. 888-974-9928, mypizza.com

Table Transformations

Looking for an easy way to update your restaurant’s decor? Americo Inc. offers durable vinyl and laminate table covers in hundreds of colors and mix-and-match patterns. Each table cover is cut and sewn to the customer’s specifications and shipped within five to 15 working days. Covers can be made with umbrella holes, elastic or Velcro to fit outdoor tables or booths. 800-626-2350, americo-inc.com

The Perfect Blend

Family-owned and operated since 1976, California Blending specializes in confidential custom blending and private labeling of herbs and spices. The company is committed to providing top-notch service and quality to any business, large or small. Specialties include pizza spices, dough mixes and steak salts. All orders are processed and shipped in seven days. 626-448-1918, calblending.com

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