Wild Slice Owner Declares August 22 to be National Pizza by the Slice Day

Sardines and peanut butter cookies have their own day. Why not the classic pizza slice?

Wild Slice in Roswell, Georgia, was founded by a family man for pizza-loving families.

Wild Slice

A slice of great pizza is always worth celebrating. Now a pizzeria owner in Roswell, Georgia, wants to build an entire holiday around this quintessential American classic.

Mike Thomas of Wild Slice Family Pizzeria, a new family-friendly restaurant known for serving up high-quality pizza by the slice, has declared Wednesday, August 22, to be National Pizza by the Slice Day. To celebrate, Wild Slice will give away free cheese slices throughout the day.

In the spirit of culinary occasions like National Peanut Butter Cookie Day (June 12), New Beer’s Eve (April 6) and National Sardines Day (November 24), Thomas has embraced the fun and excitement of food holidays.

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Thomas was perplexed to learn that National Pizza by the Slice Day wasn’t already a thing. “As one of America’s most popular foods and with so many other food holidays already in existence, it was shocking this day didn’t already exist,” he says. “We felt compelled to start a grassroots effort to put this holiday on the map. As a result, the plan to start National Pizza by the Slice Day was born.”

During his research, Mike knew it was important to find a date that would not conflict with another current food holiday and that would align with a time of year that was conducive to pizza lovers everywhere. The obvious choice was the end of summer and the start of the school year. “August 22 was the perfect date,” he says. “It was a little more than two weeks after the local schools started back up and would mark the start of a new busy season.”

For the holiday to succeed, Thomas knows he has to enlist the support of other pizzerias, food bloggers and vendors. “We are asking pizza lovers everywhere to use the hashtag #NationalPizzabytheSliceDay and help us make this food holiday official,” he adds. “We’ve had tremendous response so far. People are excited to celebrate a day dedicated to pizza by the slice and look forward to seeing this idea come to fruition.”

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In addition, Thomas sees the holiday as an opportunity to give back to the community and partner with the Drake House, a local charity. He currently serves on the organization’s Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC).

“As a business centered on family, it is our purpose to serve the families of our community, and as a member of the YPAC board, it is our obligation to create opportunities of awareness and fundraising for the amazing work the Drake House does for women and children,” Thomas says. “This seemed like an obvious opportunity.”

The Drake House will be on hand to accept donations at Wild Slice on August 22. Each donation of $10 or more will be entered into a drawing to win free pizza for a year from Wild Slice.


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