By Charlie Pogacar

New York City is often said to have the best pizza in the country. According to a new report, it also has the most expensive pizza in the country.

According to data released by Clever, a real estate listing site, the average large cheese pizza costs $28.60 in New York City. That’s very nearly double what a large cheese pizza costs in Richmond, Virginia ($14.75).

The report analyzed data points, including how much a large cheese pizza costs, from 50 U.S. Cities in order to find the “best pizza city in the U.S.” Other metrics included pizza restaurants per 100,000 residents (Buffalo, New York, led the way with 17.8), the average Yelp rating of pizza restaurants, income spent on cheese pizza and a “pizza passion score.” The pizza passion score was based on the volume of Google search activity for 34 key pizza terms.

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A Neapolitan pizza with veggies atop it from the Denver pizzeria Cart-Rider.

Cart-Rider (Denver)

Based on those factors, Clever ranked Denver, Colorado “the best pizza city in America.” Here’s the rest of Clever’s top 10 pizza cities:

Denver, CO
Buffalo, NY
Boston, MA
Philadelphia, PA
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Hartford, CT
Washington, DC
Detroit, MI
Pittsburgh, PA

Perhaps due to the astronomical cost of a cheese pizza, New York City finished at number 15.

Here’s how the 50 cities ranked in terms of the cost of pizza:

New York, NY: $28.60
Chicago, IL: $27.66
Orlando, FL: $25.25
Los Angeles, CA: $25.05
Las Vegas, NV: $24.85
San Jose, CA: $24.40
San Diego, CA: $22.70
Seattle, WA: $21.70
Austin, TX: $21.50
Kansas City, MO: $21.49

A sign for Mikey's Late Night Slice in Columbus, Ohio.

Mike’s Late Night Slice (Columbus, OH)

Columbus, OH: $21.40
San Francisco, CA: $21.30
Louisville, KY: $21.00
Buffalo, NY: $20.67
Portland, OR: $20.60
Hartford, CT: $20.60
Tampa, FL: $20.44
Sacramento, CA: $19.94
San Antonio, TX: $19.88
Memphis, TN: $19.69

A Margherita pizza.

Humble Pie (Atlanta)

Atlanta, GA: $19.66
Boston, MA: $19.65
Indianapolis, IN: $19.37
Providence, RI: $19.19
Washington, DC: $19.10
New Orleans, LA: $18.90
Nashville, TN: $18.30
Cincinnati, OH: $18.08
Dallas, TX: $17.90
Milwaukee, WI: $17.74

Two slices of New York-style pizza from Vinny's Pizza in Houston, TX.

Vinny’s Pizza (Houston)

Houston, TX: $17.50
Salt Lake City, UT: $17.39
St. Louis, MO: $17.39
Miami, FL: $17.28
Minneapolis: MN: $17.14
Philadelphia, PA: $17.10
Raleigh, NC: $16.90
Jacksonville, FL: $16.83
Denver, CO: $16.79
Birmingham, AL: $16.60

A sub, two cans of beer and a cheese pizza from Planet Pizza in Virginia Beach, VA.

Planet Pizza (Virginia Beach)

Virginia Beach, VA: $16.59
Oklahoma City, OK: $16.40
Detroit, MI: $16.36
Phoenix, AZ: $16.30
Riverside, CA: $15.99
Baltimore, MD: $15.98
Pittsburgh, PA: $15.90
Cleveland, OH: $15.64
Charlotte, NC: $15.52
Richmond, VA: $14.75


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