Vegan Cheese Maker Wins PETA’s ‘Company of the Year’ Award

Vancouver, British Columbia — In recognition of its stunning success in creating dairy-free cheese that raises the bar for health-, animal-, and Earth-friendly vegan options, Vancouver-based Daiya Foods, Inc. has won PETA’s 2010 Proggy Award for Company of the Year. Proggys are presented to people, companies, and organizations that exemplify animal-friendly progress in culture and commerce.

“Daiya is satisfying North America’s growing demand for vegan options in the most delicious ways imaginable,” says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. “With Daiya’s tasty vegan cheese, one more excuse for eating cruelly produced dairy foods has bitten the dust.”

Daiya’s shredded vegan cheeses—available in cheddar and mozzarella styles—have all the flavour and texture of dairy-based cheeses but none of the cholesterol. And, of course, their production doesn’t cause animal suffering. They are also free of artificial ingredients and preservatives and contain none of the hormones commonly found in cow’s milk.

"DaiyaDaiya inventor Andre Kroecher wanted to create a soy-free vegan cheese that melted and stretched when baked on pizza. For two years, he tried various ingredients, and in 2007, he and company cofounder Greg Blake hit the jackpot. The best thing about Daiya cheese is that it’s available at restaurants, natural-food stores, and grocery chains across North America.

Daiya will receive a framed certificate and the opportunity to use the Proggy logo in its promotional materials.

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