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Tom Lehmann Explains How to Turn Flatbread Wraps Into Pizza Skins

We’re thinking of adding some type of pizza to the menu at our restaurant. We presently offer wraps for lunch, so we’re thinking of using our existing wraps for the pizza base/crust. Is this doable?

To answer your question in a word: Absolutely! Wraps are not all that different from a par-baked, thin pizza crust that you might buy from any major restaurant supplier, so they should work quite well.

Before starting to build your pizza, I would suggest that you brush the wrap lightly with a little oil. As for your sauce, you can use a prepared pizza sauce, make your own, or try my favorite approach: Simply put some fresh basil and garlic on the oiled crust, then add thin slices of fresh tomato or drained tomato filets. From there, you’ll just build the pizza to order. As with any par-baked crust, you will probably find it easier to control the bake if you cook the pizzas on a seasoned pizza screen, as opposed to placing them directly on the oven hearth.

You can also make a pretty decent dessert to go with your pizzas, using the same wrap skins. In this case, brush the entire surface of the wrap with melted butter and sprinkle with granulated table sugar and cinnamon. Bake it on a seasoned pizza screen, just as you do the pizzas. As soon as the dessert comes out of the oven, cut it into pie wedges for serving and garnish with a drizzle of powdered sugar-and-water icing. They’ll come out crispy and sweet and make a great, light dessert after a pizza meal.

Another suggestion: Place a piece of Italian sausage (or Italian sausage crumbles) in a wrap skin, then add some sauce and cheese and two or three selected toppings. Roll the skin up like a burrito, brush it with olive oil and bake it on a screen. After baking, brush it again with garlic-flavored butter or oil, sprinkle with an Italian herb-and-cheese mixture (as you might do for breadsticks) and serve. We used to call these “pizza wraps.” As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities for you to explore!