American Eagle spiral mixers are proven to outperform other mixers for a wide range of dough types. From low-hydration heavy doughs used in traditional pizzas to very high-hydration doughs like Pinsa Romana, American Eagle spiral mixers offer the power, torque, versatility and reliability to perfectly match the needs of any pizzeria. To learn more, we interviewed Gordon Yang of American Eagle Food Machinery and Carlo Pedone, founder of Pinsa Romana America.

Q: Gordon, can you tell us more about American Eagle Food Machinery and its spiral mixers?

Yang: Our company is a family-operated manufacturer and wholesaler of commercial bakery and restaurant equipment. We’ve been selling our line of spiral mixers under the American Eagle brand since 1994, and some of those early models are still in use today! Our spiral mixers have always been built using “old-school” design. This means we stick to tried-and-true methods, using cast-iron housing formed out of one mold, heavy-duty 3-phase motors, fiber-embedded v-belts in the drive system, high-quality extra thick-gauge stainless steel, and durable physical push buttons, timers and switches. The simple yet reliable design of our spiral mixers translates into low maintenance and longevity that can last a lifetime. If you buy one of our spiral mixers, you may be passing that mixer on to your children if they take over your pizza business! You can find more information about our line of spiral mixers at

“The simple yet reliable design of our spiral mixers translates into low maintenance and longevity that can last a lifetime. If you buy one of our spiral mixers, you may be passing that mixer on to your children if they take over your pizza business!”
— Gordon Yang, American Eagle Food Machinery

Q: Carlo, can you tell us more about Pinsa Romana USA and what makes Pinsa flour so revolutionary to the pizza industry?

Pedone: Pinsa Romana America, LLC, is the master importer in the United States for Di Marco Flours. Corrado Di Marco invented and put the name “Pinsa” to this revolutionary product. Pinsa Flour is a blend of flours that creates a pillow-like crust with an amazing flavor profile. Pinsa is magic in a bag: Pinsa Expert Flour, 80% water, extra-virgin olive oil, salt and dry active yeast. After mixing, we use a revolutionary process of long, cold fermentation (48 to 72 hours) that allows the dough to develop and triple in size. We train our chefs to ball and hand-stretch the dough. Chefs around the world are excited to use our flour, which adapts to all restaurant environments (fast food, fast casual, casual and fine dining), and the recipes are endless. Visit for more information and to learn about available classes that will teach you how to make Pinsa Romana.

Q: Gordon, as a native Chicagoan, pizza is a big deal for your city. Some might say it’s America’s pizza capital. Could you share your thoughts on what you see as important industry trends?

Yang: One important trend is the consumer desire for healthier, lighter foods prepared fresh with organic ingredients and no GMOs. This is especially true among millennials like myself and younger generations. Having grown up in Chicago, I love pizza, and our city has the largest variety of pizza I’ve seen anywhere—and I’ve seen a number of new concepts tried in Chicago. A general issue with traditional pizzas is that they’re not good for your waistline and can feel very heavy in your stomach. Pinsa Romana sacrifices nothing. As Carlo just mentioned, you can have amazing tasting dough, a healthier alternative and many possible applications for Pinsa Flour. No matter what industry trends come and go, our spiral mixers can offer any pizzeria (or pinseria!) the flexibility to meet changing consumer tastes, making them excellent long-term investments.

Q: Carlo, what do you need in order to be successful in offering Pinsa as a menu option?

Pedone: In order to be a successful pinseria, you will need Di Marco Pinsa Expert Flour, proper training on flour uses and a 2-speed heavy-duty spiral mixer. The mixer is a very important part of the equation, and with the American Eagle spiral mixer, you will be able to mix a low-gluten flour (Pinsa Expert-Wheat Flour, Rice Flour, Soy Flour and Sourdough Flour) and also be able to add 80% water to the mix. Having the horsepower and torque performance of the American Eagle spiral mixer on speed 2 (high speed) allows the dough to open and accept the high hydration levels. It’s very important to have a reliable, high-performing spiral mixer like American Eagle’s so that the Pinsa dough comes out smooth, like velvet! We’ve partnered with Pinsa School to offer in-depth knowledge and training, so check out the available resources at

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