PMQ Live Update: Running A Proactive Business Model With Nick Karvelas of Karvelas Pizza Co.

In this installment of PMQ Live Update, Nick Karvelas, the co-owner of two Karvelas Pizza Company locations in Hogansville and LaGrange, Georgia, talks about developing discipline with supply-ordering routines, maintaining open lines of communication with sales representatives, and staying proactive to control costs during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Adapt, overcome and do a lot with a little,” Karvelas tells PMQ’s Brian Hernandez. The former Marine Corps applies this philosophy to the business in order to control costs and never run out of product. Karvelas explains how staying proactive by ordering core items seven days ahead of time, holding weekly meetings with managers, and weekly price-checks have helped solve supply issues and kept the business running through this difficult time. Watch the video below to learn more about their process!