PizzeriaROI.com’s S.M.A.R.T. Marketing Platform Revolutionizes Pizza Marketing

“Marketing doesn’t work. Marketing is a waste of money. I have no money for marketing. I never see any increase in sales long-term. Facebook doesn’t work. I don’t want to compete on price. I don’t know how to increase sales.”

Most pizzeria owners have said these words. And they’re right! Marketing, when done the old, conventional way—with coupons, flyers, and discounts—doesn’t work. And that was the inspiration behind PizzeriaROI.com, founded by World Pizza Champion Sean Brauser. Brauser has been one of the most successful independent pizzeria owners over the last 20 years. He built up two different pizza concepts to over $20 million in annual sales each. He now has turned his passion for pizza into helping independent and small-chain pizzeria owners master their marketing, grow their sales, and increase their profits.  

“PizzeriaROI.com is a culmination of 20 years of blood, sweat, tears and marketing successes and failures,” Brauser says. “I was always great at marketing. I understood early that the pizza business is actually a marketing business that sells pizza. I took all of my experience and built the S.M.A.R.T. Marketing Platform specifically for pizzeria owners. This program is the most innovative and effective marketing system ever developed for the pizza business. It will revolutionize the business.”

The S.M.A.R.T. Marketing Platform allows pizzerias to drive in new customers, increase frequency of their existing customer base 20% to 30%, and increase their average ticket 5% to 10%. It builds databases through Facebook Messenger, the most innovative technology in the market. “We’re able to collect customers’ data in so many ways,” Brauser says. “We collect their email addresses and ask them to opt into a text program, but, more importantly, they join our VIP Messenger Club. This allows you to own your customers through data and stop renting them through coupons. You can segment your customers by demographics, likes, interests and activities. It can find people just like your current customers and send them specific ads and offers. We’ve found a way to monetize Facebook ads and can show a true ROI on every campaign. We drive in new customers, but the real magic is increasing customer frequency and average ticket. That’s where a good pizzeria becomes a great pizzeria.”

Because the platform is so intelligent, it allows pizzeria owners to focus on what they do best—making great pizza and building customer relationships. Don’t miss out on the marketing revolution. Check out PizzeriaROI.com today!