Papa Murphy’s announced Tuesday the return of its Jack-O Pizza, which will be on sale for $10 through October 31.

Each October, Papa Murphy’s rolls out its popular fall-themed LTO, which is made with the brand’s Jack-O-Lantern-shaped fresh dough, topped with red sauce and whole-milk mozzarella, and finished with a pepperoni smile and two black olives standing in for eyes.

“The Halloween season is a fun time of year, and we enjoy being a part of the traditions and the special moments made at home,” said Tracey Ayres, vice president of brand and innovation for Papa Murphy’s. “What better way to serve a hot and tasty pizza when trick-or-treating is over than with our fan-favorite Jack-O Pizza?”

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The pie is added to the menu alongside Papa Murphy’s other pizzas and signature sides, the latter of which include calzones, Monkey Bread and Meatballs & Marinara.

According to the QSR Top 50, Papa Murphy’s averages $636,000 in sales per location. Papa Murphy’s lays claim to being the largest “take ‘n’ bake” pizza concept in the U.S., with over 1,133 total locations. The company said it has taken the path-less-traveled on the road to success.

“It’s no surprise that [Papa Murphy’s] story is a little unconventional,” a press release from the company said. “After all, Papa Murphy’s brought an entirely new approach to the pizza industry. But [its] unique idea is a simple one: enrich life and community through craveable food. [Papa Murphy’s focuses] on using quality ingredients, prepared fresh daily, to offer guests everyday meals to take ‘n’ bake at home with ease. In addition to take ‘n’ bake pizzas, Papa Murphy’s offers a selection of salads, sides, desserts and kid’s options.”

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In the past, Papa Murphy’s has been named “best pizza chain” in the U.S. by Restaurants & Institutions magazine, and has received strong scores for its customer service, making it a formidable foe for independent pizzerias.