Getting your dog tipsy on Bud Light is never a good idea. But what if there was a brewski just for Bowser?

K9 Craft Brewery has exactly that—it’s called Paws Pilsner, and pups can lap it up at Noble Pie Parlor in Reno, Nevada, throughout Dog Appreciation Month in April.

Noble Pie, an East Coast-style pizzeria, has brought back its popular Pupperoni Fries and is also introducing the dog-friendly, non-alcoholic “beer” as part of a monthlong fundraiser for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Northern Nevada.

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Guests can bring their pets to either Noble Pie location (Summit Mall and Midtown) and treat them to a meal that’s sure to make their tails wag. With each purchase of Pupperoni Fries or Paws Pilsner, a portion of the proceeds will go to the SPCA of Northern Nevada.

The Paws Pilsner is actually a bone broth made with 100% natural ingredients, including collagen-rich bone broth and vital nutrients, with no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, K9 Craft Brewery says. The broth comes in 500 milliliter bottles, providing one to two servings for large dogs or three to four servings for small to medium-sized dogs. It can even be stored in the refrigerator for seven to 10 days.

this photo shows a pretty puppy with a pink collar and harness wearing a blue tent-like hat standing outside in front of a Noble Pie Parlor location.

Tink is a Pupperoni Fries connoisseur.

Pupperoni was first introduced at the Barktoberfest fundraising festival for the SPCA of Northern Nevada in 2021. It’s made with a variety of ingredients, including meat, grains and other carefully selected components, according to Noble Pie Parlor. They’re typically designed to be soft and chewy, making them safe and easy for dogs to consume in combination with cooked fries.

“We’re always happy to see dog visitors at Noble Pie Parlor and are happy to include this menu item as a more permanent staple so these furry friends and their owners can help us give back,” said Ryan Goldhammer, owner of Noble Pie Parlor. “The hope is that if our customers embrace these pet-friendly options, we can keep them on the menu permanently. We want to spread the love, one crispy fry and crisp bone-broth ‘beer’ at a time, and support the SPCA of Northern Nevada.”