• In the “100 Things to Do at Noble Pie Parlor Before You Die” promo, customers must run through a long list of fun activities to win free food for a year.
  • The list includes making a new dog friend on the patio, buying a round of drinks and finishing the Eats of Strength eating challenge.

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You won’t have to be on your deathbed to enjoy a new promotion taking place at Noble Pie Parlor’s Midtown location in Reno, Nevada, this week.

Noble Pie Parlor, an East Coast-style pizzeria, will hold its “100 Things to Do at Noble Pie Parlor Before You Die” promo at 6 p.m., Wednesday, August 31. The list of items to be completed will be announced at the event, and the first person to complete them all will receive $50 in food for 52 weeks, described as a $2,600 value.

The second person to complete the list will receive $20 in food for 52 weeks (a $1,040 value), while the third person gets $10 in food for 52 weeks (a $520 value).

“Our restaurant is brimming with as much personality as our patrons, and this list reflects many of the fun and entertaining things our guests do while enjoying time on our property,” said Noble Pie owner Ryan Goldhammer. “Whether it’s making a new dog friend on our patio, buying a round for the bar or finishing eating challenges, this list is comprehensive of the friendly, inclusive atmosphere you will find when stepping into a Noble Pie Parlor.”

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The rules are fairly simple: Tasks one through 44 may be completed in any order but must be finished before completing tasks 45 and beyond. Tasks 45 through 80 can be completed in any order but must be finished before moving on to tasks 81 and beyond. Tasks 81 to 100 must be completed in sequential order. Competitors have to keep track of their completed tasks by maintaining their task card, a printed card off of which staff will mark finished list items.

The launch party will also give attendees a chance to mark the “Eats of Strength” item off their card and make it onto either the Wall of Fame or Wall of Shame. Those who complete the Eats of Strength challenge will have their meal fee waived. The Eats of Strength challenge requires customers to finish a 14” cheese pizza, 12 Atomic Wings and a 23-ounce Imbib Noble Pale Ale.

“We know we have loyal customers, and this is one way we can honor their energy while saying thank you to some of our serious patrons,” Goldhammer said.

Noble Pie Parlor recently won a bunch of accolades in the Reno News and Review’s “Best of Northern Nevada” reader poll, including: Best Bartender (Lisa DiFrancesco), Best Chicken Wings (also named best in the state by Eat This, Not That), and Best Fries. It also received 4th place for Best Salad, 5th place for Best Vegan [option], 5th place for Best Vegetarian [option] and 5th place for Best Restaurant Worth the Long Wait.

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