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How Long Can You Go Kneading Dough to Win 10 Nights in Vegas?

The winner of this unique contest gets a 10-night stay at the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino and 10 free pizzas from Pizza Rock.

Kneading pizza dough isn’t for wimps. But if you’ve got the forearms for it, you could win 10 free nights at a premiere hotel plus 10 free pizzas in a contest taking place on Saturday, November 11, in Las Vegas.

The Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino is teaming up with Pizza Rock by Tony Gemignani for the contest, which is called “Last Person Kneading.” It will take place on the 3rd Street Promenade between the Downtown Grand and Pizza Rock.

The person who continuously kneads their pizza dough for the longest time without stopping will get to rest later in classic Vegas style. The grand prize is 10 free nights at the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino. They’ll also win 10 free pies from Pizza Rock. The total value of the grand prize is $2,500, according to a press release.

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According to the rules, each contestant receives a 12-ounce dough ball and can only use their hands to knead the dough. They’ll be required to fold the dough ball in half and rock the palms of their hands forward to press the dough flat, rotate slightly, and repeat the process. Contestants must knead the dough every three seconds.

Removing your hands from the dough ball or inconsistent kneading will automatically get you disqualified.

Pizza Rock by Tony Gemignani opened for business at Downtown Grand’s 3rd Street Promenade in October 2013. Gemignani’s partners in Pizza Rock are George Karpaty and Trevor Hewitt. The restaurant has four different ovens and serves Sicilian and Roman-style pies as well as “classic Italian” and “classic American” pizzas, along with pastas, calzones, strombolis, meatball subs and more.