When pizzeria owners are searching for an ideal POS system, they look for reliability, functionality and flexibility. That’s where Revel Pizza Solution comes in. Partnering with Apple, Revel Pizza Solution incorporates the reliability and user security of the iPad with state-of-the-art software designed from the bottom up for the pizza industry. “Apple is well-known for not having security problems, being very easy to update, and having very good user interfaces,” says Chris Lybeer, chief strategy officer for Revel Systems. “We fully follow their design standards and participate with them via their mobile partner program, where we have access to their labs. The reason they have done so well historically is that they are easy to use, and nothing ever breaks.” 

The price point for Revel Pizza Solution is just a touch higher than some other products on the market, but Lybeer states this small increase pays off in the long run. “You may be paying a very small price, but at the end of the day, they’re actually costing you less per month than other solutions,” Lybeer says. “We think that this very slight up-front price uptick ultimately comes back to be a cost savings for customers, which is good for customer satisfaction.”

Pizzeria owners’ time is valuable. Most don’t have time to configure a POS system to their specific needs—Revel Pizza Solution solves this dilemma. “One of the things we do right out of the box: We make the system easy to use for pizzeria owners,” Lybeer states. “It’s delivered configured for them. They’re not getting a blank slate.” Revel Pizza Solution can handle delivery management, such as delivery zones and driver tracking. It also features a customer-facing display—great for order confirmation, resulting in less errors. Revel Pizza Solution can route call-in and online orders directly to your kitchen, can handle customized orders such as half and quarter pizzas, and can manage inventory in real time. 

When pizzeria owners call customer service, they want to speak with someone who is knowledgeable about the pizza industry, not just someone who is good with technology. “When they call us, the person who answers the phone will be someone who knows how the pizza business works,” Lybeer says. “There’s a good chance that it’s someone who used to work in the pizza business at some point. There’s a huge difference between a white tablecloth restaurant and a pizza business. We have people who take care of this industry.”

A fixture in the pizza industry for the past eight years, Revel Systems has also developed a track record for innovation. “We are maturing and becoming the smart choice in the industry,” Lybeer says. “With that many years under our belt, we have really strong functionality. We’re growing up, too, in terms of being able to very effectively support much larger customers. I like that we are becoming the smart choice, because we’ve had enough practice to do things well for our customers.” To learn more, visit revelsystems.com or call us at 415-744-1433.


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