How to make a bold branding statement with Custom Cheese Shakers. introduces a new concept for branding your pizzeria while changing ordinary cheese shakers into bold, exciting branding statements. can produce a one-color, full-color or frosted (etched look) cheese shaker featuring your pizzeria’s logo. These eight-ounce glass shakers come with standard chrome-plated, perforated tops packed one dozen each per box.  

These smooth-surface cheese shakers are easier to clean and keep clean compared to the outdated swirl-designed shakers. The concept was an idea birthed in upstate New York with the vision of Michael Perri, the founder of Perri’s Pizzeria. “I was looking for something different, an idea that had multiple branding/marketing avenues,” he recalls. “It started as a giveaway item on larger orders in addition to traditional tabletop use. The positive feedback was enormous. Customers thought they were the neatest things, and I started retailing them at each one of our seven area locations.”

Perri says the shakers work on several levels. “Unlike the standard promotional items in our business that have limitations on branding creativity, Custom Cheese Shakers have a variety of uses that we now call ‘cheesy ideas,’ which happen to be not so cheesy! On our website we also have a link where customers can submit their own ‘cheesy ideas’ for shaker usage, and with each idea they are entered into a cheese shaker giveaway.”

Perri offers several possibilities for “shaking up” your pizza business, including: 

The Obvious—Replace your ordinary cheese shakers with custom cheese shakers and make a statement on each of your tables or counters.

The Perk—Give away a custom shaker with a qualifying purchase. For example, purchase two large two-topping pizzas and receive a free cheese shaker.

The Catering Statement—Place your filled Custom Cheese Shaker at your catering event next to your product, so everyone will know exactly who catered the event.

The Retail—Do you have a famous or soon-to-be-famous pizzeria? Display your custom cheese shakers for sale to your customers. It makes for a really cool display, and you will be surprised by how fast they shake out the door!

For more ideas and details about the product, visit today and take advantage of their special PMQ Idea Zone pricing valid this month only!