Are first impressions as important as last impressions? In the restaurant business, a customer’s last impression will determine what kind of tip they give their server, what kind of review they will post online and what they will tell their friends and family about your restaurant. Hospitality Mints has found people tend to respond favorably when given something and that a small gesture, such as giving free mints with the check, can go a long way. Studies have found that wait staff tips can rise up to 20% when guests are given a mint! In addition to benefiting the wait staff, mints boost the overall guest experience and loyalty. Sixty-nine percent of guests offered a branded mint think more highly of the restaurant, and 61% are more likely to return to the restaurant.

Custom-wrapped mints also provide an effective marketing vehicle. The wrapper enables restaurants to not only promote their brand but also communicate specific messaging to their customers, enticing them to sign up for an e-club, take advantage of special offers or get them to download an app. Hospitality Mints also estimates that 50% of customers take the mint off premise, which means extra impressions for your brand! Whether they enjoy the mint later or hand it to a friend, customers are promoting your brand and delivering an implicit message that your pizzeria values  its customers. 

Custom mints are extremely versatile and easy to execute within your operation.  The recommended best practice is to have your wait staff pass out the mints with the guest check. Alternatively, drivers can hand the mints to the customers upon delivery. Other ways include putting them in a bowl at the host stand, stapling them to the delivery order receipt or placing them in a bag that includes silverware, spices and other items.

Ninety percent of customers notice a custom-wrapped mint and say it provides a positive and strong impression of the establishment, according to a Marriner Marketing Study. So what are you waiting for? Hospitality Mints has over 40 years of experience manufacturing a wide variety of high-quality mints and candies, including hard, soft, chocolate-coated, jelly-filled and more. All products are proudly made in the USA. 

Incorporating mints into your business is an easy way to enhance the guest experience, increase repeat business and promote your brand. To find out more, visit or call 1-800-334-5181.

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