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Discussion of Ethics, Climate Change Draws Standing-Room-Only Crowd to Local Pizza Shop

Students from Utah State University and locals from the surrounding community filled the Ogden, Utah pizzeria location to talk about combating climate change.

Changemakers from Utah State University (USU) and the surrounding community met up earlier this week to discuss building a better world in an “ethics slam” hosted by Lucky Slice Pizza, the Herald-Journal reported.

The discussion focused on “making changes to live simpler lifestyles so that our carbon footprint isn’t as large … talking about reducing emissions, changing our behaviors and expecting our institutions to do the same,” event organizer Rachel Robinson-Greene told the newspaper.

The event was sponsored by the Weber State University Richard Richards Institute for Ethics, the USU Philosophy Club and the Society for Women in Philosophy. It turned into a standing-room-only affair while a line to order food stretched outside the Lucky Slice door.

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The participants politely discussed and debated issues such as recycling, banning single-use plastics, geo-engineering and personal responsibility, with climate change as the unifying theme.

With locations in Ogden, Clearfield, Logan and Eden, Utah, the Lucky Slice is known for its New York-style slices and pies, a pair of food trucks and its slogan, “Peace. Love. Pizza” as well as its rainbow-hued, pride-themed t-shirts that proclaim, “Eat Pizza, Be You.” Founded in 2012 by self-proclaimed “dudes” Mike McDonald, Will Shafer and Nick Van Arsdell, the restaurant features the works of local artists and “almost famous” specialty pies like the Fire Island (garlic cream sauce, mozzarella, capicola, caramelized onions, jalapenos and pineapple), the Potato Pesto (creamy pesto sauce, mozz, roasted potatoes, garlic, sundried tomatoes and caramelized onions) and the Spartiken (herbal sauce, mozz, roasted chicken, artichokes, spinach, feta and tomatoes).

Lucky Slice Pizza’s food truck is a welcome sight around Ogden, Utah.