With more than 3,800 stores in a dozen countries, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (DPE) has a lot of territory to cover. Now DPE, the largest Domino’s franchisee in the world, aims to “change the food delivery universe forever” with a flashy new e-bike unlike any other.

The Domino’s dxb delivery bike will be equipped with a built-in, fan-forced oven as well as a shock absorber system “to rival a fighter jet.” The bike “has been expertly engineered to provide the hottest, smoothest and safest ride for precious pizza cargo,” the company said in a press release.

“Stabilized by space-age suspension that cuts g-forces by an incredible 67%, the chance of turbulence for your pizza is zero—arriving at your door exactly as it was lovingly hand-made in store,” the company said.

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There’s just one hitch. According to the press release, “For now, the dxb is a concept to show what’s possible for plans for wider adoption in the future.” In other words, the dxb won’t be cruising the streets of Sydney or Tokyo anytime soon.

If/when the plan is implemented, the dxb will also help advance Domino’s sustainability goals by reducing its carbon footprint, according to DPE.

DPE holds the exclusive master franchise rights for the U.S.-owned Domino’s brand and network in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia. Many of these countries have made a commitment to a greener and cleaner future, making the dxb an attractive replacement for bulky, gas-fueled cars.

But what’s equally sexy about the proposed e-bike is that it comes equipped with a temperature-controlled “pizza pod” that keeps the food piping-hot at 68°C or 186.4° Fahrenheit, while en route to the customer.

Domino’s is the unquestioned world leader in pizza delivery innovation. Even in the U.S., the chain has tested autonomous delivery vehicles and unleashed a fleet of brand-new electric Chevy Bolt delivery cars at key franchise locations around the country.

“For us, delivering the perfect pizza is more than just a job—it’s our core purpose and runs deep within our DNA,” said Don Meij, Domino’s group CEO and managing director. “The dxb is the next exciting milestone in our quest to ensuring your pizza reaches you in record time without compromising on quality or taste.”

“The focus in the food delivery industry has largely been about the technology needed to connect customers to food outlets 24/7,” Meij said. “However, the commitment to your customers doesn’t stop the minute the meal is handed over to the delivery expert. How is it being transported? What will it look and taste like when it gets to its destination? How do you ensure it’s still hot and fresh? Everything we do at Domino’s is designed to be delivered so our customers can enjoy the just-out-of-the-oven experience from the comfort of their home.”

Electric delivery modes could put Domino’s at the forefront of combating climate change. An eco-friendly approach certainly positions Domino’s as a better friend to the planet. “Our new e-bike concept is a testament to our dedication to delivering not only great-tasting pizzas, but also making a positive difference for our people, customers, food, communities and, of course, our environment,” said Marika Stegmeijer, Domino’s group chief environmental, social and governance officer.

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