Month: March 2008

Dough rising in Pizza Capital of the World

According to a news report from, “My best friend from childhood is Italian-American. Very Italian-American. So when Mary Immaculata Ferrario Rinaldi invites me to visit the Pizza Capital of the World, I don’t ask questions. She knows pizza.”

Keeping Cool

Summer is almost upon us, and customers will be looking to you for ways to cool off in the unrelenting heat. In the upcoming April issue PMQ managing editor Tracy Morin leads you through the ins-and-outs of serving ice-blended drinks in your restaurant, and provides a brief introduction here.

Rising Dough!

The thought of dough rising is usually a good thing, but not when you’re talking about the rising costs of flour lately. Tom “The Dough Doctor†Lehmann talks in depth about the situation, and what your options are, in the upcoming April issue, and provides a brief introduction to the problem here.

A big pizza pie

According to a news report from, “Eli Sanders and Brad Collins set out to live forever in pizza history.”

The Triple Win of Cause Marketing

“We know we can do well by doing good,” said Louis Gerstner, Jr. while Chairman of American Express Travel Services, the company widely credited with coining (and trademarking) the term “cause related marketing” in 1983.

Experience a World of Great Taste with Fresh Florida Tomatoes

Congratulations! You’ve made it through yet another fierce winter. It’s time to lighten up. It’s the perfect time to celebrate the arrival of spring with the lively, vibrant taste of a globally inspired salad featuring field-grown tomatoes from the sun.

U.S. Pizza Team Visits Sacramento

According to a news report from, “Members of the U.S. Pizza Team are in the Sacramento area this week showing off their abilities to toss pizza dough.

Confidently Make Decisions on Demand

The executive ranks are brimming over with action oriented, quick thinking individuals who are ready, willing, and able to dispense decisions on demand. More challenging, though, is knowing whether a decision should be made on demand.

Death by Assumption: Why Great Planning Strategies Fail

A key to effective planning in today’s hyperlinked world is reducing “time to action”-gaining new knowledge and making it actionable so that you can make your move ahead of the competition and before market shifts put you behind the curve.