According to a news report from, “My best friend from childhood is Italian-American. Very Italian-American. So when Mary Immaculata Ferrario Rinaldi invites me to visit the Pizza Capital of the World, I don’t ask questions. She knows pizza.”

“We head out of Scranton, Pennsylvania, toward Old Forge, population approximately 10,000. In about 10 minutes we’re driving down Main Street. I start counting the pizza cafés, as they call them here: Rinaldi’s, Brutico’s, Arcaro & Genell’s, Anthony’s, Ghigiarelli’s — 11 on this street alone. Within just a few blocks, there are at least nine more. Even the florist on Main Street is called “Pizzazz,” said the story. “Mary said we would need reservations, and she’s right. It’s 4:30 p.m. and Revello’s is packed. The place attracts locals and celebrities. Hillary Clinton was here a couple of weeks ago. Just for fun we ask if we can sit in the booth where she sat. “No problem, honey,” the waitress, Dorothy, says. Now, if you are thinking regular pizza, forget it. This is Old Forge pizza and all the cafés here make it. It’s not round, it’s rectangular and it’s “red” or “white.” Red is made with tomato sauce and cheese; white is cheese only, double crust, with olive oil and rosemary sprinkled on top, although they recently introduced a new version with broccoli.”

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